Beer & Geeks: Trivia at Southtown 101

If you’re like me and you love to (1) drink beer, (2) show off how smart you are in public, and (3) hang out with geeks, you probably need to head to Southtown 101 next Monday night at 8pm for Geeks Who Drink pub trivia. Also, we probably need to be friends.

You can get 32 oz of beer (Blue Moon, in this case) in a mason jar for $4 at Southtown 101 on Monday quiz nights.

Southtown 101 (on Facebook and Twitter) is a recent addition to the ‘hood. Located at 101 Pereida St. between South Saint Mary’s and South Presa, this spot has a patio outside and cave-like interior. The lighting during the afternoon is pretty rough (Blue Box syndrome: blinding sunlight through a big window), so when you’re choosing your seat, orient your back to the glare. Or maybe stop drinking so much in the afternoon. Southtown 101 receives their liquor license today, FRIDAY, folks, so go help them celebrate that momentous occasion this weekend. You can check their calendar to see what events are going on, but usually there’s music by G. Pablo and Wally Bravo on the first and third Fridays of the month, and various DJs and musicians on other weekend nights.

“Name the bible story that Kirk Cameron has wandered into!” Despite the fact that the caption ends in a preposition, my team got 8 out of 8 on this one. Thanks, confirmation class!

But back to the quiz. The GWD game consists of eight rounds of eight questions (including a visual round, movie round, and audio round), and is hosted by a GWD dude who tells goofy and questionable jokes. Teams can have up to six members (unless you are team Cupcake C, which somehow had seven players two weeks ago and consequently beat team Three and a Half Men and several others who weren’t cheating for the bronze medal but it’s ok I’m over it). Bonus questions sprinkled throughout the game can earn your team a free jar of beer, and sometimes when there’s a tie, a dance-off ensues to determine the winner. Win-win-win. Each week, GWD posts a blog style recap of the quiz. (If you look really hard, you might be able to see an awkward picture or two of yours truly. Oh boy!)

If Southtown isn’t your scene, Geeks Who Drink quizzes happen all over the place, so check this page for other locations. If you’re freaking out about missing even a moment of the Olympics, just breathe. Southtown 101 plays the games on the TV during trivia. So start reading random Wikipedia articles, study up on your 90s hip hop (BTW, Snoop Lion?!) and bring your gameface next Monday to Southtown 101, because it’s ON.

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7 thoughts on “Beer & Geeks: Trivia at Southtown 101

    • Hold up, shall I remind you who won the highly coveted Tootsie Pop of Shame last night? I think I shall! From the Geeks Who Drink Recap:

      James’ Funniest Answer Award goes to 3 And A Half Men for their answer to Round 4’s Bonus Question:
      Q: “Call Me Maybe” is the first Canadian song in 20 years to spend seven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. That previous single was what song by Snow? A: “Call me definitely, James…you’re dreamy.”

      BAM. Hah, thanks for reading, Steven.

  1. I’m having to work my brain enough just by answering the math question that your blog tries to trick me with each time I post a comment! Ha. PS thank you for the incredibly useful information that Cathedral Bluffs is a hamlet in Saskatchewan! Baha

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